Note your emotions, reflect on how you feel and regain control of your mind with this simple application!

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How Name It Tame It Works?

Name It Tame It, is meant as application of neuroscience in the daily life, school, workplace and therapeutic environment.

Name It Tame It will help you to reflect and take notes on your emotions and through this activity to self-regulate your nervous system by physically changing your brain structure through neuroplasticity.

Inspired by Research

Name It Tame It is a mobile application inspired by the work of many prominent psychiatrists, neuroscientists and philosophers such as Dr. Daniel J. Siegel, Dr. Brene Brown, Dr. David Rock, Robert C. Solomon.

Name It Tame It yields the power of the ‘vertical integration’ of three brain regions:

  • the brainstem,
  • the limbic area,
  • the cortex
and its power to soothe overwhelming emotional reactions.

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The Story of Name It Tame It

Anita Wielgosz

Design Researcher

Anita Wielgosz is a designer, artist, Name It Tame It inventor. She has spent the past ten years designing visual communication, creating artwork and exploring connections between artistic expression, technology, cognitive science and psychology.

Magda Hapanowicz

Software tester

Magda is a great supporter of active lifestyle. She loves volleyball and cycling. She is a project manager, an organization support and software tester of Name It Tame It.

Jakub Mateusiak

Android Developer

Jakub Mateusiak is an Android developer. He started adventure with Android in 2014 and since then he's constantly improving his skills to ensure high quality of applications.

Krzysiek Matysik

iOS Developer

Krzysiek Matysik is a great enthusiast of cycling and running. In Name It Tame It he was responsible for trends and intensity of emotions view.

Jakub Potoniec

iOS Developer

Jakub Potoniec is a coder and photography fan. During the past few years he was working with applications focused on helping people with their everyday lives.

Marcin Srech

iOS Developer

Marcin Srech is passionate about active lifestyle - he loves kitesurfing and football. In his free time he likes to spend time with his best friends. He is responsible for therapist module in Name It Tame It.

Mateusz Wojsa

Java Developer

Mateusz Wojsa is a JAVA EE Software Developer and PhD student at The Koszalin University of Technology. He has been working with high-performance web services for several years now. His main interest in programming is the development of artificial intelligence-based applications and fuzzy logic.

Natalia Gilewska

Software tester

Natalia is a software tester with 4 years of experience and has head full of ideas. She is a fan of Polish nature and good live music. Sometimes you can see her on the posters or in a music video.